Medi-Float Program in Coquitlam


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Medi-Float Program

Relieve your chronic pain and find the comfort you need with our industry leading Chronic Pain and Disability Program. We can make our services financially accessible to those who need it most while working to include Floatation Therapy under extended medical insurance plans in Canada.

You can qualify in any of the following ways:

Suffer with a painful condition or disability.

Think floatation therapy would help?

Action Step: Obtain a note from your doctor recommending that you try floatation therapy.

Bring a printed email from one of the following pain clinics or groups in BC stating that you are a current member:
A) Change Pain Clinic
B) Pain BC Group
C) The People In Pain Network (PIPN)
D) The Many Faces of Fibromyalgia Group & Chronic Pain

Obtain a doctor’s note stating you suffer from Fibromyalgia

Bring a copy of your Disability Tax Credit approval letter

If you feel that your pain clinic or group would benefit from this program and it’s not listed above, please contact us.

Once you qualify, you must agree to the following conditions:

Float once a week for four consecutive weeks

Fill out a short survey before and after each float

Option One

  • 10 Pack
  • $325 Plus Tax

Option Two

  • Pay as you go at the rate of $36.50 per float plus tax per float

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