Float Your Way To Relief In Coquitlam

Float tanks are a simple and powerful tool that can enhance your lifestyle. The practice is used by doctors, athletes and anyone who is seeking a solution to their individual needs including personal development, physical recovery, and psychological and physiological issues.

What is floating?

When someone begins floating, the room is devoid of all light and earplugs are used to ensure removal of all external sound. The tank itself has over 900 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved in 11” of water. All of these conditions together free a person from the sense of touch, pressure, friction, sound and light, resulting in an environment of complete peace and quiet.

The history of floatation therapy and float tanks lies with a physician and neuroscientist named John C. Lilly. He needed to create an environment in which all incoming sensory information was eliminated for a series of experiments. Throughout the process, he discovered that restricted environment stimulation therapy (R.E.S.T) had many other benefits. By the 1970s, a commercial design was released which shares many common features with the technology we use today. Major research is being conducted throughout North America and Europe to solidify many of the benefits of floating, with the aim of having it recognized by government and insurance agencies.

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