Float tanks in Coquitlam

Make your selection from our deluxe tubs and tanks to personalize your floating experience. We offer a delightful experience to each and every one of our clients from the moment you walk through our door.

Float Away Pod

Find absolute bliss in the curved, organic Float Away Pod, sometimes known as the dolphin tank. Enter and exit the unit with ease as the pod automatically opens for you. From the moment you first let the sensory experience overtake you until the underwater speakers offer soothing sounds to indicate your re-emergence, you’ll discover the true meaning of tranquil.

“This is a great experience. Very interesting to see the variety and modernism of float tanks.  Everyone should have a pod at home!”

Couples Float Tank

Drift into the ultimate state of luxury in this double float unit imported from England. Share the sensation of being afloat in an infinite ocean with your partner or a close friend for a unique experience you will never forget.


This room is equipped with a wheel chair accessible shower, and a minimum of one helper is required to assist special needs floaters in and out of the unit.

“What a fabulous experience! My first time floating and I am so excited to make this part of my wellness! The interesting story is 2 can share this – I had a first date with Mike, we came to Cloud 9 for a hydro-massage each then shared a couples float. Awesome!”


Open Float Tank

For an inviting first-float experience or a more spacious version of a traditional float, try the Float Tub. This one of a kind unit is constructed within a large solarium and is perfect for those who might be claustrophobic. The inviting atmosphere is heightened with a heater and humidifier for optimum climate control.

“2nd time floating and I love the sensation where you’re not quite sure where you body ends and begins while in the tub. Every time I come back to this place, the weight of the world is lifted off from my shoulders. Everybo dy should try this at least one in their life time! Cheers!”


Oasis Float Tank

Take part in the classic floating experience in the Oasis Float Tank, or ‘”space pod”‘. From the gentle interior light and convenient handrails to the whisper quiet fan and refreshing ventilation, you’ll discover new levels of relaxation and peace. As your session comes to an end, soothing music will softly re-awaken you.

“Amazing amount of positive energy inside the tank, I really became aware of my body’s internal sensations and workings.  Thank you!”


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