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The importance of keeping the body hydrated for our physical health and optimal brain functioning is well known. The impact of dehydration on brain function and our physical health is often forgotten. It’s easy to forget that our bodies are 72% water, our brain is 80% and blood is 90% water. Kangen Water is also called ‘Electrolyzed Reduced Water’; this is where science meets with water.
Superior hydration of the brain and body is achieved with electrolyzed reduced water because it is more hydrating at a cellular level. It has been referred to as electrically restructured water, in that the water molecules fuse together into groups that are more condensed than normal. This results in the water being able to transfer its nutrients faster into cells, therefore being able to transport toxic waste efficiently, cleansing the body of bacteria and viruses.
Electrolyzed reduced water is created from running tap water passing thru a water ionizer, resulting in energetically alive water that is rich in molecular hydrogen, active oxygen and hydroxyl anions. You are drinking and cooking with a healing and rejuvenating, antioxidant rich water.
Many people suffer from an overly acidic body, which promotes disease. Electrolyzed reduced water helps the body balance it’s natural PH with no chemical buildup. This in turn reduces many symptoms of aging and increases energy.
Additionally, structured water is much easier for the body to metabolize and therefore can help with weight loss, digestive troubles and poor circulation. It supports the body’s ability to heal itself, resulting in overall better body functioning and an increase in energy levels.

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Research Tips:

• There is a ton of research online, when it comes to electrolyzed reduced water. I recommend using PubMed, instead of Google to research. PubMed produces clinical research with scientific journal articles to start with. Recommendations include, Electrolyzed Reduced Water, Molecular Hydrogen, Active Oxygen, Hydroxyl Anions Free Radical Scavengers.

• Ensure to research the company Enagic who manufactures the machines. They are a 40-year strong Japanese company that specializes in producing medical grade water ionizers. Company website is

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