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From something simple as drinking alive ionized water to relaxing in a futuristic water-bed to relieve that pain and stress, Cloud 9 has what you need to feel better today.  

Kangen water

Provide your mind and body with the proper hydration by learning more about the bottled, filtered or tap water that you drink.

Pain program

Relieve your chronic pain and find the comfort you need with our industry leading Chronic Pain and Disability Program. We can make our services financially accessible to those who need it most while working to include Floatation Therapy under extended medical insurance plans in Canada.

Float pricing

Get the most our of your floating with all of our pack and memberships.  Come on in today or give us a call to learn more today!

Hydro Massage

The experience is like no other.  Take a ride in a powerful wave of warm water on the future water-bed!

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