The goal of floating is to enter into a meditative state, letting go of mental stress and physical aches. By depriving your senses, your mind and body can more easily enter into meditation, producing theta brainwaves, which are responsible for that ‘between waking and sleeping’ feeling.
To achieve such an ultimately relaxing experience, a lot of attention must be paid to the details of the floating environment. At Cloud 9 Float Spa, perfecting those details is our commitment.

If you’ve ever visited a float spa before, the first detail you noticed may have be the scent of the spa. This is because the salt used in float tanks does have a very distinctive smell, but the smell should be pleasant and light, never pungent or difficult to adapt to.

When you walk into Cloud 9 Float Spa, you’ll most likely be able to notice the scent of our salt water, though it will give you an “ahhhh” moment of earthy groundedness and aromatherapy relaxation, rather than an “ewww” moment that crinkles your nose.

Part of what makes our spa smell so pleasant is our meticulous upkeep practices for our float tanks and rooms. The walls of our rooms are kept dry from condensation and salt streaks, the floors don’t have any puddles on them, and there are plenty of hooks and shelves to store your personal belongings and clothing while you float. Cleanliness is not only important for sanitary reasons, but an organized, tidy environment creates an ideal space to enter into meditation. Knowing that your environment is clean will provide a sense of control and calmness as you enter into your float.

During your float, you’ll experience total darkness; our high quality float tanks seal out all light while the doors to our rooms have special sealants to act as a backup, blocking out all light as well. Complimentary earplugs will also be provided so that you can tune out auditory stimuli as well.

When your float is finished, you’ll be awakened by calming music that is similar to what you’ll hear in our common areas. You can shower and dry off with one of our provided towels, then cozy up in a robe and slippers and sip on some rehydrating tea or Kangen water. By taking care of all of these details for you, the Cloud 9 team ensures that all your needs and wants are met, so that you can simply focus on nothing.

Our commitment to all of these details is what will make Cloud 9 Float Spa a place where you can truly let go.

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