Welcome to North America in the twenty first century. We have urban congestion, 10 lane super highways and we ‘see’ our friends and family more frequently through screens than through our eyes.

The small town mentality slowly slipping away as the quiet suburbs continue to expand and technology continues to separate us as human beings. As technology makes our lives more and more convenient, we are getting further away from what we all crave, human connection. If you don’t know whats being referenced here, check out this video.


In addition to the separation, there are super-juices, get-rich-quick schemes, seven steps to enlightenment and countless shiny promises that will finally give us everything we’ve ever wanted. Delivered through books, conferences, pitches and the next greatest guru, all making the same promise. How many times will we let ourselves get burned before we close off and stop listening to what the world has to offer?

So when we at Cloud 9 Float Spa, tell people about floating and they don’t want to engage in a conversation and really want nothing to do with it, we understand why and respect them for their skepticism.

Stress is like a weight our body carries around. Imagine each day you wear a backpack, and this backpack holds your stress. Every time you add stress in your life, it’s like adding a one-pound brick. Just like our lives, we accumulate stress gradually, often without realizing; until one day, we wake up feeling heavy and weighed down by ‘something’. Every morning begins to feel more difficult, and we climb out of bed and put on our heavy packs. By the time we get home at the end of the day, we’re tired from carrying these burdens around and we slowly begin to burn out. So we look for activities, foods and vices that will ease the load and reduce our suffering. These things are out there and relied on far too frequently. Most commonly, these vices are food, alcohol and drugs. All of which have consequences that can pile up the same way stress has.

The good news is, there is a different way. Many of them. All of which are being discovered by individuals more and more every day.

Floatation therapy is one of them.

When you climb into a float tank your body relaxes and becomes weightless. You then become centered in the present moment and all of the weight that you’ve been carrying around, disappears. You are then free in a sense, free to relax, free to rest, free to heal, free to take control, free to imagine, free to dream. And as you drift away in your consciousness, you will not only think, “I need to empty this pack of stress more often,” but, also, you will be left with the staggering thought of, “Why do I choose to even wear a back pack like this in the first place?”

The same way stress was piled on slowly, it can be removed brick by brick, one pound at a time. This access is there for you in every moment of every day. Floating just re-introduces you to this control. You are powerful beyond measure. Just. Let. It. Be.

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